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My sister is such a fool that she decided to get married. She's one of the sexy and beautiful college girls who drive men crazy, and still she wants to be with only one guy. I don't approve of that, but all I can do is throw a wild bridal shower party for her. I wanted the last day of her free and careless life to be as crazy and steamy as possible. So I asked my friend Edic to bring a camera along, I bought tons of various sex toys, and one of college chicks promised to invite strippers. Why ...
So when all the pretty party girls were a little boozed and excited I gave them my presents - all the dildos that I bought for this party. I knew that this would turn this boring bridal shower into something kinky and hot! My sister got a special prize - a strap on, so it was up to her to decide whom of the sexy college girls she would fuck first. I also dared two girls to strip naked and lick whipped cream off each other's naked bodies. Is there any wonder that thay ended up fucking? See, if ...
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    I decided to film one secret party sex scene for the bride, so I took two horny and cute college girls to the bathroom. I asked them to show me as much passion and lust as they could, and they came up with the most exciting lesbian action I've ever seen. Good job, girls, the bride's gonna love it! Then one more guest arrived, the sexy student girl who got late because of the traffic. Well, she missed all the fun, but still the dirty-minded girls had something nasty in mind for her... You'd ...
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