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My friend Eva is such a sexy student girl, and she lives in a beautiful apartment which is our favorite place for throwing dr.unk parties. Besides, Eva's friends are the hottest college girls, so when Eva called me up and told me to bring some boys along, I knew we would have a blast tonight. When we arrived, the pretty party girls were already waiting for us, and they were dressed so sexily and seductively, damn, I could feel my cock hardening. Still, it was too early hitting on hot college chicks ...
One of the cute college girls got bored with our game soon, besides, the bottle never pointed at her. She got upset and left the room, but my friend Ilya followed her. He offered a massage session to the sexy student girl, and she willingly took her clothes off. Soon they were kissing and making out, and eventually Ilya's cock was in the brunette's hungry mouth. Man, she's a real pro at college blowjob! If there was an exam on sucking guys off, she'd get an A, that's for sure. Anyway, soon the ...
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    One of the pretty party girls felt sick after drinking too much, and Max was there to comfort the poor girl. He found an interesting way to do it! Who would have thought that sucking a meaty cock was the best way to make the girl feel better! To make the sexy medicine work better, we needed to double the dose, giving two cocks to the sexy student girl. This treatment worked wonders, see it for yourself! Soon we all gathered in the living room again, and after the dr.unk party girls danced naked ...
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