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Friday is a good enough excuse to throw a party! Especially if you're invited by one of the hottest college girls. We just wanted to relax and have some fun after a long week, but this weekend bash ended up as a wild sex party. Not that anyone was disappointed by that :) It all started very innocently, though. We drank champagne with young student girls, chatted and played cards. But eventually we changed the rules of the game, so that the one who loses should take something off. That way playing is ...
Somebody brought a creamy cake, and we smeared this sweet cream over each other's bodies and licked it off. That got me extremely aroused, and I took two hot college chicks to the bedroom. I said I wanted to show thos room to them, but in fact I wanted nothing but hot dr.unk fucking. The sexy college girls wanted the same, I guess, because they both started blowing me. I drilled one of them doggy-style while the other sexy student girl was kissing her and rubbing her own oozing pussy. Then I fucked ...
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    Everyone loved that game with licking cream off a naked girl, so one of the pretty party girls volunteered to be our "cake". She lay on the table, and we poured cream and yoghurt all over her. Honestly, I didn't expect it to end up like a crazy college orgy, and I guess nobody did. First my buddy started fucking the sexy student girl covered in cream, then another one joined them. The lecherous brunette chick loved this insane threesome a lot, just look at her! She let every guy at this dr.unk sex ...
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