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Sexy college girls in their checkered mini skirts really turn me on. This is why every time I attend classes, it's so hard for me to concentrate. I keep thinking about seducing a sexy university girl, about putting my arms up her skirt, feeling her firm butt and delicious pussy... As you can see, I can't study at all when my thoughts are full of dirty fantasies. To get this straight, I decided to throw a drunk sex party with those young hot students who turn me on so much. I guess after I bang a ...
A couple of drinks at my place and there you go, the hot college chicks were already flashing their butts. I didn't even expect them to be so uninhibited and shameless! One of the pretty party girls, a sexy blonde, seemed to be the most lecherous of the three, so I followed her to the bathroom. What happened there was way hotter than my wildest fantasies! The blonde started hitting on me, she wanted to take a bath together, then she just got down on her knees to perform a great college blowjob. ...
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    Soon another girl joined our drunk sex party. I've heard she was one of those hot college sluts who fuck everyone, but I didn't quite believe it until that party. The cute college girls started dancing, stripping naked and driving us crazy with their shameless and kinky behaviour. Finally we all went to the bedroom, and I didn't even notice how one of my friends started banging one of the drunk party girls. They did it right in front of everyone, and it was extremely arousing! One by one, we all ...
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