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The Story:
It was Saturday night, time for a dr.unk sex party with my best friends and the hottest college girls! This time we decided to organize some sort of a culinary party, and the hot student girls had to impress us with their cooking skills. The cute college girls agreed, promising to make a tasty salad and a delicious dessert for us. Sounds yummy :) But if you think that this video is all about cooking, don't forget that it's actually a groove fuck party movie! Besides, as soon as you see the dr.unk ...
Soon we all got pretty horny and aroused, especially after the dr.unk college girls flashed their tits and delicious butts while cooking. Yeah, they are very nasty! Hey, remember about the dessert they promised to make? Well, it was not quite what we expected. It was so much better! One of the pretty party girls, a gorgeous brunette, lay on the table absolutely naked, and we put pieces of fruits on her and poured a chocolate sause over it. My God, licking it off her was absolutely divine! I've ...
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    Even though we had some great time in the bedroom, I wasn't really satisfied yet and wanted more of dr.unk college fucking. This is a crazy sex party, after all, it's not supposed to end up so soon. And I was right! Everyone was waiting for something wild to happen, and soon we all found ourselves taking part in a raunchy college orgy. The pretty party girls opened their mouths hungrily, performing artful blowjobs that got us to cloud nine. The hot college sluts spread their legs wide, offering ...
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