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What do you think is the best birthday present ever? Well, for a sexy student girl like my friend Eva the best present is a college sex party! This is the present that she'll never forget, especially now that we've filmed it all for a dr.unk orgy movie. You know, I have a feeling that Eva will be watching this tape when she's old, remembering her wild college years full of sex, booze, fun and, well, some study :) Anyway, we prepared really well to the hot sex party. We bought as much booze as we ...
As soon as hot college chicks took their clothes off and put sexy swimsuits on, I realized that the idea to go to the sauna was pure genius :) Apparently both the horny guys and the college school girls got extremely excited, because I didn't even notice how our birthday party turned into a college orgy. We split into couples and fucked right in the water, that was so awesome! I did my best to film that, and even though it ruined my camera, this steamy dr.unk orgy movie is full of totally breathtaking ...
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    The hot college sluts proved to be truly insatiable, they wanted more of hard student fuck even after that college orgy in the pool. Well, we were ready to go on and on too, especially after we witnessed that lesbian fucking session. The dr.unk party girls licked and kissed each other, and they used a big didlo as well. How crazy is that? Then the college orgy continued, only it was even wilder. I know, it's hard to imagine, but believe me, it was really too wild to describe :) I guess it's because ...
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