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I've organized lots of college fuck parties, so I know really well how to make any party turn into a crazy college orgy. I'm gonna share some of my secrets and know-how's with you, in case you're gonna throw a wild student bash of your own :) Here's a cool student sex party movie that we made, and this hot video combined with my tips will make you a real guru of dr.unk parties :) So, first of all you're gonna need an apartment. We went to our friend's place. He lives all alone, so the whole flat was at ...
Ok, now that the girls are here, you need to make them feel relaxed and, well, horny. I think there's nothing like tequila to make cute college girls dr.unk. A couple of shots, and they're so adventurous and funny :) Sexy games are a great help too. Look at us, we played a cool cards game, and soon the room was full of horny naked college girls. Two pretty blondes started making out, and they didn't mind guys joining them. Man, this college orgy happened right in front of everyone! I bet it'll blow you ...
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    I must confess that I'm a sucker for big tits, so I took the busty sexy student girl to the bedroom, where we plunged into hardcore fucking. Turned out that hottie was crazy about anal sex, and that's what we did! Oh, her asshole was so tight! But even that wasn't the end of dr.unk college fucking! What happened next was a real group college orgy, and it was too hot to describe! You have to see it with your own eyes! Dr.unk hot college sluts spreading their legs for us, opening their cock-hungry mouths, ...
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