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What's the worst thing for any student? Of course exams! Damn, you have to forget about college fuck parties for a while, get focused and study really hard. That sucks, man! But as soon as the exams are over, it's time to have a real blast! We desrved some fantastic college orgy, right? So one of the hottest college girls, Tanya, invited all of us to her place to celebrate our passing the exams. Tanya's sister was waiting for us, eager to finally take part on one of our hardcore sex parties. I mean, ...
We played a sexy game, which made us damn horny. Who would have thought, but our college sex party made one guy feel so romantic, he took Tanya to the bedroom to confess that he'd been in love with her for years. Well, Tanya is one of those insatiable hot college sluts, so she awarded the guy with a jaw-breaking blowjob, after which they had crazy college sex. Don't know if that's what the guy was hoping for, but he definitely was happy as hell :) Back in the kitchen, Tanata was chatting with two ...
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    As for Tanata's sister, finally she was getting her share of hot student fucking! Two horny guys performed striptease fpr her, then dragged the oversexed hottie to the bedroom for hardcore group fucking. It's a shame we've never invited her to our wild sex parties before, she really knows how to work two cocks and she's incredibly sexy! After they came back to us, we had more drinks and played some silly games. But there still was sex in the air, and all of us were too turned on to split in couples ...
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