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My friends rented a house in the country for the whole weekend and arranged a sexy students party in the cottage. There was only one but the biggest problem left: we didn't invite any cute college girls yet. Only my best buddy Anton brought along a beautiful party girl who we all knew was a sex hungry college slut. And we decided to pick up all of the rest girls on the beach. Luckily, we met there a few hot chicks sunbathing and approached them right away. They were just what the doctor ordered for ...
I was worried they wouldn't go to a drunk sex party with strangers, but sexy russian girls appeared very risky and adventurous! They kept us company, and we had a lot of fun together. I invited a young blonde student girl and her hot girlfriend to play strip billiards with me. They lost and had to take clothes off, then said they needed to go somewhere... As I found out later, drunk party girls had a hot lesbian sex outdoors! One of the girls even stuffed red panties inside her own pussy and came ...
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    When all young horny students gathered in the cottage, we started to drink champagne, vodka and got completely drunk very quickly. Then one of the drunk college girls started to boast she could do a threesome with hot guys anytime. We decided to check and made her choose the boys she liked. I was lucky! My friend and I banged that busty chick in the separate room, and meanwhile a crazy party orgy started to take place in the parlour. In about an our everybody was busy with either anal or pussy ...
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