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Fuck those nerds and geeks who think student years are meant for studying! They don't know shit! All they are interested in is books and tests. We're not that kind of students. We're popular cool boys and bad ass girls who can party all night and then feel fresh and vigorous in the morning. Everybody knows about our wild sex college parties, everybody wants to take part in amateur student party porn, but only best of the best can come. This party is super special, we arranged a surprise for hot college girls. Intrigued? Then listen, I'm gonna tell you more about crazy stuff that happened at the party!

On our way to our friend's place we met one of the college freshers who really wanted to join us, so we took him along. He didn't expect to see so many hot college sluts in sexy dresses, and of course he was shocked at our friend's appearance in a funny costume. But who cares. We gave him a drink, and he forgot all the worries! So did everybody else :) Sexy dancing, unexpected fucks in front of everybody, even hot strip tease for the girls! Imagine that?! That was so much fun from the start, and we called more friends and asked them to come to make the party unforgettable!

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Some of the party participants wanted to spend time in private. Whenever they wanted, hot blondes and horny studs went upstairs and had sex there. Soon though there was no point in hiding anymore. And the complete craziness began! You have to see this guy put a chick on his shoulders and finger her until she comes with a squirt! Drop dead gorgeous girls coming over and over again! Switching partners over and over again. Sucking rock-hard cocks, drinking, dancing, having fun. Seriously, that is the hottest party I have ever been to! I'm glad we filmed all that crazy shit for you!