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New Year is all about partying, drinking, hanging out and making your dreams come true. Me, I wanted to go to the wildest college sex party in town, make a super hot dr.unken sex video and get laid. Well, all of it came true! Isn't that amazing? But let's start from the very beginning, as I came to the party with my camera. One of the pretty party girls confided in me that she wanted to have sex with her best friend, and after a couple of drinks she started kissing and caressing her friend. Soon the naked college girls were making out right in front of us, isn't it the best start of any dr.unk sex party? As more guests arrived, it was time for a lewd and sexy contest which involved condoms. Go on and check it out!
Warm with champagne, the hot university girls wanted more funny contests, and we decided to choose the best cocksucker among these hot college sluts. Do you think that some of them were too shy to suck cock in front of the camera? Hell no! I'll tell you more, these nasty college chicks couldn't get enough of it and eventually plunged into hot dr.unk fucking. Be sure that I was there with my camera on! I'd never forgive myself if I didn't film that awesome party sex scene. Soon more guests came, and especially the one we've been waiting for - Santa! Our Santa was a handsome mulatto guy with a big cock. Do I have to tell you that all college chicks were dying to seduce him? See who managed to do that!
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    Our hot sex party got wilder with every drink. The beautiful college girls were so fascinated with Santa's cock, they set up another contest, performing college deepthroat and decorating Santa's cock with toys. Yeah, I'm not kidding you, the hot college sluts really did it! To tell you the truth, I was feeling jealous and wanted some attention too. That's when two dirty-minded chicks took me to the bathroom to film a lesbian party sex scene. However, I couldn't be just a viewer, I joined the lustful babes, and I can tell that they were waiting for it. Then this New Year bash became absolutely crazy and full of dirty real college fucking, I'm lost for words to describe it. You'd better see it all in my cool fuck party movie!
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