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Another weekend was coming, so me and my friends decided to spend the whole day in the country with the hottest college girls. Sounds tempting, right? Bear in mind that all of the babes we invited were real hot college sluts, and you'll get the full picture. Beautiful college girls, horny guys, a huge tent, lots of booze... Man, that's what I call a perfect picnic! Anyway, soon two of the pretty party girls went somewhere, and I secretly followed them. I thought I'd film them peeing or something, ...
Lesbian action is cool, but guys wanted some hot dr.unk fucking too. And when two dr.unk college girls took a sausage and performed a little sex show with it, all of us were rock-hard and turned on. Eric put his own sausage out of his pants, and the oversexed college chicks were so impressed that they performed a jaw-breaking college blowjob. But that was just a prelude to a rapturous hot college fucking. One of the pretty party girls was banged doggy-style while the others made out and took turns ...
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    You know, the best thing about our tent was that its walls were transparent, so that we all could see what was happening inside. So every time a horny couple escaped to the tent we saw their dr.unk college fucking and could even join in. And why not? We were having a wild sex party and enjoying it to the fullest! Actually this is how our crazy college orgy started: somebody plunged into hot dr.unk fucking in the tent, then one by one we all joined them. There's nothing like a zealous group fucking ...
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