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Hey everyone, I'm Ilya, and I've been planning a vacation with my hot girlfriend, Polina, for quite a while. We've only started dating, so as you can quess, we can't get enough of each other. So a trip to Thailand is just perfect to spend some time together and to fuck as much as we feel like. Honestly, sex was the main reason we decided to go on a vacation. Our friends Eric and Rita, a horny couple who love sex too, went with us, so I'm sure this is gonna be the best vacation ever! After a ...

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Hi, I'm Ilya, and this is my amateur film about Thailand sex travel with my girlfriend Polina and our friends. The flight to Thailand was so long and tiresome, I just couldn't wait to get to the hotel and relax. But as soon as I saw Polina naked, I forgot that I was tired :) I turned my camera on and filmed our very first thai sex video. Polina loves being filmed during sex, it really turns her on, and this time was no exeption. She gave me the most wonderful blowjob ever! I have a feeling that ...